Seef Properties Organises Campaign to Clean Nurana Islands’ Coasts in Cooperation with Ibn Khuldoon National School

As part of its strategy to promote social responsibility, Seef Properties, in cooperation with Ibn Khuldoon National School (IKNS), has recently organised a campaign to clean the coastline of Nurana Islands, with the participation of a number of students from the school, where the campaign focused on removing waste, plastics and other materials from the shore.

This is the third initiative that is implemented in cooperation with Seef Properties and IKNS, where two previous campaigns were organised to clean Karbabad coast; the first clean-up was done during 2021, while the second was done last May.

The campaign aims to instil the concept of charitable work and the culture of volunteering in the minds of the youth, as it would certainly have a positive impact on the local community, and the protection of the Kingdom’s environment and coastlines.

On this occasion, Mr. Ahmed Yusuf, Chief Executive Officer of Seef Properties, stated: “We are pleased to continue this constructive partnership with IKNS to conduct a series of campaigns to clean the coasts of Bahrain. We aim through this type of activities to develop environmental awareness in the community, create a greater sense of responsibility towards the environment, and encourage young school students to participate in the efforts exerted to protect the environment from all forms of pollution. It is also an opportunity to introduce the youth to the great interest dedicated by Seef Properties to social responsibility and to boost community solidarity values among all.”

For his part, Dr Kamal Abdel Nour, President of IKNS, said: “We are proud to continue our participation with Seef Properties in this campaign to clean up a number of Bahrain’s coasts. It is a national duty to raise awareness among our students on the importance of community solidarity and the protection of the environment, in order to create generations that are enthusiastic to get involved in charity works and promote humanitarian values in the society. We will always strive to involve more students in projects that support social responsibility in the various regions and governorates of the Kingdom.”

Seef Properties is built on four strategic values to create a better future for all: support, culture, sustainability and awareness. These values draw the features of the Company’s philosophy of giving and generosity, aiming to serve the society and provide the best solutions in the areas of real estate development, management of commercial complexes, hospitality and entertainment, in order to achieve community partnership in supporting various charitable and humanitarian works.